Pool Lady
  1. Wentworthville Heated Swim Centre

    8.30am Wednesday. $4.50 entry. 

    Another amazing pool from the team at Holroyd City Council! As with my Merrylands visit on Monday, this pool has just reopened after a winter hibernation. In retrospect, I should have left a month or so between the Merrylands and Wentworthville adventures, as they are pools of a similar generation, local council area and character with so many of the same features (signage, design, lockers). And I have so few 50m outdoor beauties left, it was over-zealous and greedy of me to visit 2 in the same week just because of their proximity to the city. I will regret this later. 

    However, that aside, this was an amazing swim. MY 60TH POOL. 

    A beautiful warm morning and the light dancing so brilliantly in the water. Only a couple of other swimmers, no sign of kids or aquarobics or other things that habitually occur around 9 - 9.30am. I lingered long in the water, floating and diving and flopping about long past my deadline! 

    Whilst architecturally it is very similar to Merrylands, it is clear there has been greater refurbs here. The bathrooms, overhead opening and the same 20c and AMAZING GREEN LOCKERS, just nicer and newer and better patronised-feeling. More amazing painted concrete furniture, round edges and circular shapes to the angular points of merrylands. 

    I got in a bit of trouble for taking photos of the pool as I was taking my final departing shots, despite there being not a person in the water. The lifeguard couldn’t really provide me with a reason to not take photos, but I wasn’t going to push it. I got chatting with them about my project and they softened to me after a while, and were quite touched and blushing as I complemented them on the pool. They were pleased to know it scrubbed up. 

    There is a big debate raging in the Holroyd community about council proposals to build a mega-leisure centre in Greystanes and fund it by closing this pool Merrylands, and Guildford. The site they are proposing is not super accessible, but would be in income generator to compete with other big mega-leisures like olympic park. 


    About the proposed new mega-leisure. My favourite line is ‘ How will we find the next Ian Thorpe from Wentworthville if that child doesn’t get the opportunity to learn to swim as his or her local pool.’ http://www.streetcorner.com.au/news/showPost.cfm?bid=19622&mycomm=WC

    Amazing aeriel shot from 1970 that demonstrates the circular seating and wading pools very well. Holroyd City Library is pretty savvy on the flick and promoting historic images - awesome: http://www.flickr.com/photos/holroydlibrary/3885856521/in/photostream/

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